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The naked truth about high school

BoylesqueTO presents Class Dismissed on Sat, June 29 at Lee's Palace, 529 Bloor St W.

One of the great visual joys of Pride is the abundance of flaunted male flesh on display. From perky polished pecs to furry bears to the TNTmen baring all, Pride almost everything. Everything but carefully crafted seductive teasing that rivets the eyes, that's the job of BoylesqueTO. Some things should be left to professionals.

For Pride 2013 BoylesqueTO is mounting an all new spectacular entitled Class Dismissed  - the title refers to the institutions of higher learning motif, not to a lack of social decorum. Or does it? "In order to earn their adult entertainer licenses, the boys are going back to high school to finish their diplomas. But just because they're back in class doesn't mean they've gotten any classier," reads the official press release. After Wrong Note Rusty popped his pucker on national television during an episode of Canada's Got Talent, BoylesqueTO just may be capable of crossing any educational line.

"Let’s just say our troupe members aren’t exactly shy," says troupe leader James and the Giant Pasty. "And at the live show, there won’t be any censoring."

"Actually, none of the other troupe members are keener than I am to push that bar farther than I set it last year," adds Wrong Note Rusty. "As for how far I’ll go, in the sensational words of the late and great Pierre Trudeau, 'Just watch me.'"

BoylesqueTO began as almost a lark - the hilarious details of the founding of the troupe are in the story "Keith Cole Made Me Strip" - but has evolved into a successful career and resulted in numerous awards including "Most Beautiful" at the 2012 Great Burlesque Exposition in Boston. Now considered, internationally no less, to be stunning examples of masculine pulchritude, how are the Boylesquers going to embody the awkwardness of high school homeliness? "It’s not as hard as it would seem," says Wrong Note Rusty. "Most of us had pretty humble origins in high school - science nerds, band geeks, drama queens - so it’s not a far stretch to channel our pre-superhero days. Some of our boys get recognized on the street even when they’re in ‘civilian drag,’ but we’re mostly pretty good by now at blending into our Clark Kent lives."

James and the Giant Pasty agrees, "High School is such a sexually awkward and anxiety ridden time for everyone. But doing this show, we can kind of go back to high school and laugh at the awkwardness and anxiety, and at the same time portray a much sexier version of high school than any of us ever actually experienced."

Wrong Note Rusty adds, "As a youth I could never imagine having the kind of confidence and who gives a damn attitude to be proudly undressed in a room full of my peers, at that time or in the future. I’m obviously not advocating that we all jump up onto our desks and do the Magic Mike, but I think that Class Dismissed reclaims some of that intimidating space that we all occupied in school and reminds us that often other people are too busy worrying about their own self-images to pay a whole lot attention to ours."

On the censored version of the Class Dismissed poster, James and the Giant Pasty's posterior is rated, quite deservedly, as an A+. What body parts of the other troupe members get stellar grades? "Mahogany’s abs earn a gold star," says James and the Giant Pasty. "Rusty gives A+ face. El Toro’s hips skipped a grade and were put into the gifted and talented program. Bruin Pounder's thighs scored 100 percent on a pop-quiz, and Dew Lily maintains a 4.0 grade point average all over."

All will be on display during Class Dismissed and Wrong Note Rusty suggests also keeping an eye peeled for, "Rusty’s airtight embouchure, Mickey D Liscious’ cheerleader chest, Mahogany Storm’s atomic abs, and Bruin Pounder’s soccer calves. Without giving too much away, there is a group act that takes place in detention that will have you dancing at your own desk in class or at the office for weeks to come."

BoylesqueTO presents Class Dismissed on Sat, June 29 at Lee's Palace, 529 Bloor St W.