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Dancer Christian Denice finds sex symbol status and love at Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal

By Drew Rowsome

"I would never call myself a sex symbol," says dancer Christian Denice. "I know that there is an appeal to the dancer's physique, and I have often been utilized in a sort of  'sex sells' way." Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal are no strangers to 'sex sells' and Denice is a major part of the program of three Toronto premieres being presented at The Sony Centre.

"The show begins with a breathtaking and emotional duet, and moves onto the heart racing, explosive, frantic Kosmos, which offers an emotionally charged and visually captivating experience," says Denice. "The show then concludes with Harry, full of gestures, playful charm, theatrics, and comic relief."

It is Denice's last appearance with Ballets Jazz and it is bittersweet. "I am sure there will be tears on stage from me by the end of the show." he says. "Ballets Jazz offered the opportunity to perform innovative, challenging, and exciting works by world renowned choreographers as well as the chance to travel the world."

Denice's time with Ballets Jazz also offered something else, "My boyfriend, Nick Korkos, and I met in Montreal at Ballets Jazz. I was actually supposed to have left the company last year, and he was joining as one of the dancers to replace me. We had a month of overlap in the company, where we fell in love with each other. I committed to leaving the company and moved back home to Los Angeles, but after about two months, I called our director back and asked if there was still a job opportunity for me. Luckily, there was, and Nick and I could be reunited. It has been one of the most exciting, challenging, and inspiring years dancing and working with Nick."

Denice is originally from California and has worked there in a very different capacity as a dancer in High School Musical 2. "It was such a departure from the work I am used to. Though the dancing is not necessarily as challenging, you have to repeat the same shots over and over again until everyone, mainly the stars, look good. The days are long and exhausting and it’s hard to keep that Disney smile on your face . . . But I had a great time, especially every chance I got to try and stalk Zac Efron."

But Efron doesn't have the appeal of a Montreal man. In the same way that Ballets Jazz is a challenge that continually stretches Denice's abilities, so does a relationship. "We both know that we want to pursue this crazy dance life, and that may require us to be apart from each other from time to time. But I think always maintaining an open and honest means of communication helps us stay connected in the times apart." Then Denice flashes that sex symbol grin. "And lots of dirty texting."

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Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal perform on Sat, May 23 at The Sony Centre, 1 Front St E.