My Gay Toronto - Bellini's 8 1/2

La da dee, lad da da - again.

I’ve reached that age where I no longer go to clubs, or watch rock videos, or follow the Top 40, or go to concerts or anything else. I’m not completely out of touch – I loved discovering St Vincent and Lana Del Rey in the past few years. But by and large, I don’t know who’s out there making music unless I get a press release about it.

So I got three recent press releases announcing new work from Cazwell, Kristine W, and Crystal Waters, all three gay dance club stalwarts, and all recognizable from the past. Cazwell, for instance, just launched his second CD, called Hard 2 B Fresh. We all remember jerking off to his video for “Ice Cream Truck,” so it’s hard not to get a bit excited. Plus the CD is released by my old friend Bill Coleman’s label Peace Bisquit. (Bill discovered Deee-Lite, thank you.) Songs include such tell-it-like-it-is anthems like “No Selfie Control,” “Dance Like You Got Good Credit,” and a collaboration with Peaches entitled “Unzip Me.” Cazwell has been described as “what would have happened if Eminem had grown up on Madonna's front lawn.” So does his new video make you want to wank it? Check it out here:

Kristine W’s new video is called “Love Come Home,” from her new CD New & Number Ones. It features her daughter putting a wish list into the Life Cube they build every year at Burning Man. Then the cube is burnt to the ground and replaced with a new one “in another dilapidated area that needs love.” The plot’s idiotic, but the song is good.

Original version:  

Subgroover S Groove club remix

Then there is Crystal Waters, who is ‘starring in’ someone else’s song. She guests on a new track by Vassy called “Hustin’.” It was inspired by Crystal’s club classic “Gypsy Woman,” which we all heard a lot of back in the old days. The constant refrain of “la da dee, la da da” drove me fucking mental back then, and it’s back.

Vassy, who is hot right now, is finally putting out We Are Young. Her music has been featured on TV’s Grey’s AnatomyHuman Target, and Ugly Betty; on The Sims and FIFA 08 video games; and in commercials for Hilton Hotels, Chevrolet, Sketchers, Google and Diet Sprite. That’s right – Vassy is a recording artist best known for commercials

And there you have it. New music for the new generation. I wish there had been this much gay music when I was growing up. Oh wait, there was Bowie, Elton, The Village People, Cher, Bette Midler, Lou Reed …