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Fresh Burger

┬áThere’s a new burger joint in town, and it means business. It’s called Fresh Burger, which is not just a name but a big claim to live up to. And I’m happy to report that the name is not just more corporate bullshit, but indeed the real thing. Fresh Burgers are remarkably fresh.

My first bite wrote this whole review. It was excellently delicious. I’ll admit I was a tiny burger, and not cheap, but I adored how they toasted the bun so that there were crunchy edges but a soft center. The lettuce leaf was a bit annoyingly large, but that’s just quibbling. The burger itself had a full, healthy, meaty flavor that reminded me why I remain a carnivore. I rushed up to the clerk, totally excited. “What’s the secret?” I demanded.

“We grind our beef fresh daily. Nothing is ever frozen,” he told me, proud of the results. Emboldened by my excellent dining experience, I also tried their poutine, and it too was fresh and fabulous. The potatoes were julienned with the skin on, the curds and gravy were generous and aromatic, and the whole thing tasted just like it does in Northern Ontario, where poutine is made by actual Quebecois. Then I washed the whole thing down with a very cold can of Pepsi. I was in fat guy heaven.

Fresh Burger ain’t cheap when compared to Wendy’s or McDonald’s or Burger King, but there is a huge difference in quality, to be sure. As I exited the building, I remembered the previous tenant, also a burger joint. I went there a week after it opened and ordered their signature burger. The burger was fine, but the bun was really stale. What kind of burger joint would do that? I never went back. Somehow, I don’t think Fresh Burger will ever be guilty of the same offense. Keep it fresh, and keep it real.

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