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In the Museum of Leonardo da Vinci

Just in time for Christmas, Jeffrey Round has released his first book of poetry. Called In the Museum of Leonardo da Vinci, it is a “poetic homage to … da Vinci’s genius”.
I must admit, I never had much of a feel for poetry. I enjoy writing song lyrics, but it is not the same thing. Poetry requires a light touch, of knowing what to leave out, what not to over-explain. Jeffrey’s poems are easy to read, but not simple. Though the poems are structured around the Leonardo theme, with sections with names like Sacred Geometry or War Machines, many reference the here and now. There is even a poem called Bloor Line, which Torontonians recognize as a mass transit reference. Look how beautifully he describes that moment when the subway doors open:

Doors thrust apart, the dance explodes,
dark atoms loosed upon the world,
multiplying and dividing their sins

Jeff Round is a first-class novelist. He won a Lambda Award for Lake on the Mountain, and I still gush over The Honey Locust, the story of a war photographer coping with her contentious family. Now he has a classy book of poetry to add to his resume.

In the Museum of Leonardo da Vinci-Jeffrey Round
PRICE: $19.95