My Gay Toronto - Bellini's 8 1/2

Best of 2014

Watching Billy Eichner on the Emmys, running through the streets screaming “Tatiana Maslany was robbed!” at complete strangers was probably the single funniest, and gayest, thing I saw on TV this year.

Thankfully, there were other excellent things for gay male tastes this past year.
For instance, I just loved HBO’s gay series called Looking. It stars cute Jonathan Groff as a totally normal, identifiable young white gay guy living in San Francisco. He stumbles through life, caught up in romances and squabbles. The eight-part first season ended with a beautiful cliff-hanger, in which he is caught between his sexy British big-eared boss who likes to play around, and a true-blue Hispanic hunk who wants him to commit. Episode 5 was especially captivating, being nothing more than the entire first date between the Groff character and the Hispanic hunk, and I felt just like I was on the date with them, getting in the middle of every kiss.

I also really liked the documentary The Dog, which had nothing to do with actual dogs. It’s about the weird gay guy who robbed a bank in the early 70s to pay for his boyfriend’s sex change. It was the basis of the famous Al Pacino movie Dog Day Afternoon, and is a fascinating portrait of the world’s strangest gay activist.

I watch Saturday Night Live all the time. There are now six black cast members, all very different and all quite funny, which has really livened up the show. But I was shocked to learn that the brilliant and versatile Kate McKinnon is only the third gay cast member in the show’s 40 year history. Kate is a rare bird, totally in your face and physical. She kept up with Jim Carrey, the two of them imitating that weird little leotard girl’s dance from Sia’s Chandelier video, and she has dazzled us with both her Justin Bieber and Keith Urban impersonations. She is definitely SNL’s MVP. By the way, Global, when SNL ends at 1 AM, can you put on something other than that stupid fucking poker show? What a wasted opportunity.

Finally, a big tip of the hat to my pal Scott Thompson, who braved life and limb to bring his flaming queen character Buddy Cole to the Sochi Olympics on behalf of no less than The Colbert Report. For two weeks, Buddy interviewed American athletes, international diplomats, Russian bartenders, even the Soviet police. Colbert’s people were so concerned for Scott’s safety that they gave him two Navy SEAL bodyguards, but Scott’s main concern was on Buddy looking fabulous in Doctor Zhivago drag. His revelation? That Russia seemed just like Toronto in 1983. The gays may be in danger, but they can still smoke inside the bars.

And so, it is finally time to say ‘fuck off’ to 2014 and all the Cosbys and Ghomeshis, and jump in the sack with 2015. Maybe the next big sex scandal will be a gay one!