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Dame expands from Royal to Princess

I don’t know many gay men who can resist the charms of Dame Edna Everage. But let’s be honest – our fave gal is getting a bit long in the tooth, and dare I say, nearing retirement. So if you need to say goodbye, here’s your chance. Dame Edna is bringing her farewell tour to the Princess of Wales Theatre from April 9th to the 19th.
Since the venue changed from the original but much smaller Royal Alex, Dame Edna felt it appropriate to write a letter to her Canadian fans to make sure word was out that an additional 500 seats were now available. Here is a sample of that missive:

“Dearest Canadian Possums in the Media,

How I envy you your wonderful Canadian winter. Oh, if only I could be there right now. There's nothing more life-affirming and bracing as a walk in minus 40 degree Celsius weather. Perhaps seeing a moose, a beaver, or better still, a Mountie! The joy! The pleasure!

Instead I am stuck in summertime Australia with its scrumptious food, boring and never ending-sunshine and superlative standard of living. But I always come to Canada to chill out – in more ways than one. The Queen told me it’s one of her favorite Dominions.”

The letter goes on to state that ticket holders may contact Ticket King to switch up their seats for the new venue blah blah blah, and well, you know how old people do go on about things. But still – this is it! A final chance to see the great Dame!
So message received, Dame Edna, and thanks for decades of laughs.

Dame Edna Final Farewell Tour runs Thurs, April 9 to Sun, April 19 at the Princess of Wales Theatre, 300 King St W.