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Transforming into cool

If you’re into the whole transgender thing, and who isn’t these days, then check out a hot new documentary on the CBC on Thursday, February 26 at 9pm.

Transforming Gender comes from madHIVE MEDIA, a production company formed by powerhouse producers Robyn Hutt and Rachel Low. I know them both. Robyn brought me to my first and only ACT UP meeting in NYC in 1988, and I worked for Rachel when she ran a production company called Red Apple on the Food Network show Opening Soon. Now, Robyn and Rachel have turned their attention to the hottest topic of the decade, namely transgender rights.

The queer community is luckier than most in that we already know and love a lot of transgender people. Everybody knows of Patricia Wilson, Mandy Goodhandy, Nina Arsenault, Enza Anderson, Boyd Kodak and Lucas Silviera, among others. In fact, they are among the coolest people I know. But the rest of the world needs to catch up, and this thought-provoking documentary can only help.

It isn’t easy to change one’s gender, but judging by my trans friends, it is liberating, and for them it is necessary. Still, there is lots of despair and suicide in the trans community. Let’s hope things get better for them all.
Check out the trailer here:

CBC on Thursday, February 26 at 9pm.