My Gay Toronto - Bellini's 8 1/2

Shiva delights Bellini

When I was in Kingston recently, I met a woman named Casey Boyce. She runs a small “eco-luxurious vegan” skin care company called Shiva’s Delight. 

Shiva’s Delight offers a full range of skin care. Casey gave me a lot of her products to sample, so as soon as I returned to Toronto, I took a bath and started applying various creams and butters. She uses a lot of essential oils – coconut, olive, avocado, castor, bergamot, neroli, jojoba – so the products also come with a “May Contain Nut Oils” warning. 

The products certainly helped this aging homo to look and feel better. The Rosemary Foot Balm helped soothe my craggy feet, and the Chocolate Tangerine Body Butter did the same for my elbows, although it also made me smell like something kids would eat. 

My lips often crack in winter, so it’s a good thing she makes not one but two different ones, the Pink Grapefruit Lip Balm and the Cheeky Lime Lip Silk. Both smell delicious, but oddly leave no flavor on the lips. 

The Moringa Man Bar is meant for shaving, shampooing, body and face. I took a good shower with it, loving the clean sensation afterwards. I did make me feel just a tad more manly than usual. 

The Lime Juniper Beard Oil offered a clean shave. I don’t necessarily like oils, preferring frothy shave creams, but this worked quite well. Casey should consider creating a nice after shave balm to go with it.

The only thing I didn’t try was the Lemongrass Jasmine bath bomb, as that would involve cleaning the tub first. Someday …

In the meantime, check out for more information.