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Spectra launches another hit

by Paul Bellini

Every year, the singers and songwriters of the Spectra Talent Contest get together and record an original song. Two years ago, their Christmas song "If You’re Not Here At Christmas" went gold, and last year’s "Without Words" was used in an SPCA TV commercial (it’s about losing a beloved pet).

This year, Spectra (of which I am the Chair, and a co-writer of all these songs) is releasing quite possibly their most important song. Called "Not My Time," it’s about fighting cancer and winning. “Two out of every five Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer,” Spectra founder Ralph Hammelman tells me. “Two years ago, my mom was diagnosed and given a 30 percent change of surviving. Because she fought hard, she’s currently in remission. I wanted to put a song out there that speaks to her courage and to inspire others to fight for their lives.”

But the big news is that the song and the video feature a Very Special Guest. Now, I am sworn to secrecy, so I cannot, at this juncture, spill the beans. Let’s just say that most of your jaws will drop when you hear who it is singing the song’s last line. But, as Ralph reminds us, “Cancer doesn’t discriminate. And even though our special guest may be controversial to some, he or she is currently battling the disease and is known for supporting Toronto musicians.”

"Not My Time" benefits the Canadian Cancer Society. And, since I just know it will be a monster hit, it will also benefit Spectra, an organization of some of the brightest and most talented young singers around today. Our impressive alumni include two-time Juno nominee Alysha Brilla, Out Music Award nominees Ponyta and Adrian Ross, and sexy actor Nathaniel Bacon, among others. So stay tuned for my big announcement, sometime in late April, as to who the Very Special Guest is.