My Gay Toronto - Bellini's 8 1/2

Hamlet Soundtrack

by Paul Bellini

About a month ago, I had the pleasure of starring in a play. It was a gay adaptation of Hamlet by David Bateman and Brock Hessel performed at the most recent Rhubarb Festival. They called it Hamlet In A Hot Tub because it was set at the baths. In it, Polonius gets his dick bitten off by Hamlet in a glory hole, certainly not in the original Shakespeare version.

Directed by Raymond Helkio, he had the good sense to suggest a live music component for the show. As it turns out, his partner, Stewart Borden, is a musician. Stewart ended up composing several pieces, including two songs by Gertrude, all performed live. (Did I mention that we staged it in the men’s room at Buddies In Bad Times Theatre? A cool idea, but a pain for the audience.)

“Such a shame,” I remarked at the time, “that now that the play is over, such fine music will never again be heard.” Alas, I am wrong, happily so, because Ray and Stewart have just released a soundtrack to the show. You can hear me and my cast mates, including the delightful Amy Lester, sing these lovely Borden compositions by clicking the link below: