My Gay Toronto - Bellini's 8 1/2

Scott Thompson saved by sex toys

by Paul Bellini

Several years ago, I introduced Scott Thompson to CBC radio producer/host Jeff Goodes. At the time, Jeff and I both worked on Brent Bambury’s Saturday morning live talk show GO! Jeff’s concept was simple – put Scott in front of a microphone and let him fly.

Our coming together was sporadic at best, often depending on the availability of a guest. Often, we booked local comedy stars like Sean Cullen, Elvira Kurt or Tom Green, but we also found time for unusual guests like my buddies the Scorpio Twins, or dominatrix Barbie Bitch, who was running for mayor at the time. (In the podcast’s most jaw-dropping moment, Barbie explained how she once surgically removed the penis of one of her clients.) It also helped that Scott, a cast member on NBC’s Hannibal, was able to bring in someone as famous as Laurence Fishburne. But just as often we would tape an hour of just the three of us talking dirty, which is always fun.

Last year, Scott announced that he had had enough and wanted to discontinue the podcast. Though I have no idea how many listeners we have, they did make themselves heard, and we received over 200 emails begging us not to stop. One of those emails was from Adam Male, a company that ships sex toys, asking to be our first sponsor. (In the early days, we would joke that our sponsor was mead, the booze favored by the Vikings.)
So we did what any sensible person would do. We came back. In fact, Scott offered to up the ante, bringing in more guests, but also to include original sketches and songs. Jeff also set up a Patreon campaign for listeners who want to show their support. So from the brink of death, Scottfreepodcast is back – politically incorrect ranting from three white guys with privilege. It’s hilarious. Check it out at

Check it out at


Scott Thompson, Paul Bellini and Jeff Goodes are back. Yes, this time for real. With a sketch. New theme by Mouth Congress. And special guest Alex Tindal.  Show us your love at


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