My Gay Toronto - Bellini's 8 1/2

Flying on the Edge

by Paul Bellini

April 27, 2015

Dear Ports Toronto,
Just cleared security for a flight to Timmins and was forced to throw away a new can of Edge shaving gel. When I asked why, I did not get a response, just some officious mumbling. Why is a can of shaving gel not allowed as carry-on? I’m not sure why technically it is even called ‘carry on’ when in fact I leave the under 20 pound suitcase at the entrance to the plane and they put it in the same place as all the checked baggage (which now costs $28 per bag!). So I would not have any access to the bag during the flight, and even if I did, is there some concern that I might try to shave while mid-flight?

April 27, 2015

Dear Mr. Bellini,
Thank you for reaching out to us with your inquiry! First of all, we would like to apologize – the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority Officer at security should have answered your question regarding the shaving gel.

The shaving gel was not allowed on the flight as part of the limits set by the Government of Canada and the International Civil Aviation Organization. Liquids and gels must be in amounts smaller than 100mL to be taken on board the aircraft in carry-on baggage, and must be placed in a clear and re-sealable plastic bag with the contents in the original packaging.

April 28, 2015

Dear Ports Toronto,
Thank you, but that explains nothing. While I’m at it, it might be nice to provide a carpeted area when asking passengers to remove their footwear at security checkpoints, particularly in winter. On the plus side, the Island Airport is totally fabulous. Nothing puts a smile on my face faster than free coffee and shortbread cookies.

May 4, 2015

Dear Ports Toronto,
I have not heard back from you. I’m a bit upset. I thought we were friends. Anyway, to pick up where I left off, I took your advice and went straight to the website for the International Civil Aviation Organization to find out why this prejudice against Edge gel is allowed to continue, but despite a thorough combing, I could find no information whatsoever. Another government policy dead end. On the plus side, however, I now have a beautiful beard. Grrrr. Who says good things can’t come out of incomprehensible policy?