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LGBT UFC: Gay Fighter Supreme

by Paul Bellini

The world’s first gay fighting game, Gay Fighter Supreme, launched on iTunes on Thursday, May 14. The game features 10 LGBT fighters – including drag queen Carrie Cupcake, GoGo Gary, lesbian Sappho Ethridge and twink Timmy Spears – all competing for the title of Gay Fight champion. The first question is, do LGBT people fight at all? I mean with fists, not cattiness.

The second question is, are these queer stereotypes? Yes, they are, ridiculously so, to the point where it would be stupid to get all in a knot over it. The characters are broad, cartoony and cute. To think that they represent actual people is like thinking that Bugs Bunny represents actual rabbits.

HBO’s magnificent television series Looking covered similar territory in season two. Patrick and his boss/lover get a booth at a gay gamers’ convention and sell a little game that looks a lot like Gay Fighter Supreme. The reaction was not what they anticipated. “Another attempt to divide and label the gay community,” writes the sour grapes critic. But is it really?

Somehow, I doubt this real-life version of the game will be met with the same disdain. I like to think that overly politicized people are at least smart enough to know that a healthy community can revel and celebrate its stereotypes rather than rebuke them. Frankly, I was more concerned as to why the only fat character was the drag queen (although every time I played, I couldn’t help but think of my dear friend Crystal Lite, who could definitely take you in a fight).

MyGayToronto would like to offer a FREE GAME DOWNLOAD click here

Take that, bitch!

MyGayToronto would like to offer a FREE GAME DOWNLOAD click here

Here’s a link to the game on iTunes: