My Gay Toronto - Bellini's 8 1/2

Gay sci-fi lovers, brace yourselves for Hans Hirschi’s new book, Willem of the Tafel

by Paul Bellini

The novel’s main character, Willem, is merely 17 when we first meet him. He must navigate through a battered world that is the result of our generation’s carelessness. Luckily he meets Hery, another young man, who helps him along the path to his destiny. In their meeting, we learn how in this futuristic world, people have evolved to look beyond racial and gender lines. That Willem and Hery decide to mate stirs no reaction from the other characters in the novel: 500 years into the future, homosexuality has become completely accepted.

“My main purpose in writing novels is to entertain,” says Hirschi. “I hope readers enjoy the story and embrace it and take the characters to their heart.  If they can also reflect on social issues like why racism is on the rise today and why we are seeing record temperatures, then maybe, just maybe, I’ve been able to contribute something even more substantial along with my story.” 

Hirschi is best known as the author of The Fallen Angels of Karnataka and Living the Rainbow: A Gay Family Triptych.

“There’s always hope,” he sums up. “I remain optimistic that humanity will learn to live with one another and appreciate the differences among us – black, white, gay, straight, and so on - and that we will come to understand that we must live within the framework of what our planet can provide.” 
Willem of the Tafel will be available digitally and in softcover Thursday, May 28 at

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