My Gay Toronto - Bellini's 8 1/2

Dick Ryder

by Paul Bellini

Everybody loves Richard Ryder. The larger than life comedian has been entertaining us on stage and on Proud FM and OUT TV for years now. I still remember the first joke I saw him do onstage: “I call myself Richard because if I used the name Dick, people might mistake me for a gay porn star.” Now, it’s time for Richard to expand his reach to YouTube.

Wednesdays with Richard has become my must-watch of the week. Still in its infancy, the show centers around specific topics as Richard interviews a variety of guests. Past topics included body image and diva behaviour.

I spent last Sunday with Richard. He and I were asked by Shannon McDonough to act in a little video sketch she is shooting for her upcoming Fringe show. Richard played a design diva in deep to the Mob, played by myself and Marcy Rogers. Then Shannon and Marilla Wex, playing his TV show producers, chance upon the beating and get implicated. It was total fun for all of us, and it gave Richard and me a chance to catch up on the gossip.

Later, we all submitted to interviews for Wednesdays with Richard. The topic was Canadian show biz, so as you can imagine we all had a lot to say. But why read about it when you can watch it for yourself at

And who knows, one day you might find yourself at the other end of Richard’s microphone.