My Gay Toronto - Bellini's 8 1/2

Bone Donor injects some rock n’ roll in NXNE and Pride

by Paul Bellini

I love the name Bone Donor, so rife with innuendo, but when I do a Google search on them, all I get is information about how to donate bone marrow.
A local band, they are both hard rockin’ and queer, and you will have several chances to catch them in concert this month. First, they play NXNE this Thursday, June 18 at Coalition at 10pm, and they will also play the Alterna Stage next to Buddies for Pride on June 28.

According to their Facebook page, the band consists of “Bink Dally Rue (throat + fingers), Pete Commanda (man hands), Chernobyl Steele (sticks + stones), and Kristyn Dunnion (bass notes).” I use quotation marks because the names and the description of the instruments they play are all theirs.

I speak with Kristyn by phone. “I’ve always loved bass, the sound of the lower parts of the song,” she tells me. “I like the noise of heavy rock.” Like Crackpuppy, they are not afraid to bring heavy metal music to a queer audience. “It’s like going against the tide,”  but as Bink says, ‘I’m not exactly thrilled with the direction in which the gay wagon is being pulled’.” So they are doing their best to pull it in another direction entirely.

They’ve been together a year, and all of them played in bands before. Kristyn was in the dyke metal band Heavy Filth, Bink was in Black Betty, and Chernobyl was in The Z-Rays. Regardless, “every one of us has gorgeous hair,” says Kristyn.

So what does such a fierce ensemble sing about? “The songs are from a dog’s point of view on life,” she tells me. I can’t wait to bark along to their songs.