My Gay Toronto - Bellini's 8 1/2

Boys Just Wanna Have Fun

by Paul Bellini

When Cyndi Lauper first declared that girls just wanna have fun, it was like it was news to most people. The impact of that song not only empowered a whole generation of young women, it also spoke to gay men. Whether it was girls or gays, people just want to enjoy their lives rather than suffer, the way previous generations succumbed to societal pressures.

Now, Team Heartbreak (whose previous hit was “Do It Like Miley”) has thrown their hat in the ring with their new song, “Boys Just Wanna Have Fun.” It’s not a cover version of Lauper’s hit, but a whole new dance track designed to unleash the hedonistic fervour of a whole new generation of gay boys.

So how do young gay boys have fun? I watched the video to find out. It seems a lot of it has to do with wigs, funny hair color, club clothes, drinking (those red plastic cups are everywhere), toilet papering, William Belli, bears, drag queens, party boys, swimming pools, sunshine, showing off, and getting wet.

The full album, called 'SASSY SUMMER SOUNDS' is available on iTunes, Download Here:

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