My Gay Toronto - Bellini's 8 1/2

Sexy hairy merbear

by Paul Bellini

The big news is that gay rapper Big Dipper appears as a mermaid in his new video, “Vibin’.” “I thought it would be incredible to see a big beefy hairy man playing a merbear,” laughs Big Dipper.   “It’s fun and danceable with a super catchy hook.

”Vibin’” is new for me because it is universal and radio friendly.  There is still a bit of innuendo, but nothing quite as explicit as my other music.” That’s great, but WTF is a merbear?

Big Dipper is a Chicago-born, Brooklyn-based rapper. His fierce rhymes and often-outrageous outfits have been called everything from raunchy, filthy, nsfw, shocking and offensive, to comedic, flamboyant, fat, phat, and dope. Through his work, he has accumulated thousands of die-hard fans. However he gets his share of negativity too, especially online. “YouTube comments are like a fly you swat away,” he says.  “I try not to take them to heart.” Yet it’s a constant reminder of how body conscious the world is and how thin bodies and washboard abs are celebrated. 

“I've always been chubby.  Growing up, I didn't really know what to do with my body. I wasn't confident. I didn't feel like I fit in. Then in college, I started growing body hair, and in my mid twenties, I began filling out in all the right places and everything just clicked.  All of a sudden, I understood my body, how it was seen, and my sexual confidence increased.” 

Still, he never set out to make a statement about size or body type with his music.   “Everyone is somebody's type,” he says. “Truthfully, I prefer guys with my body type. I gotta believe I’m not the only one out there who does.

“I love getting messages in my inbox from someone being like ‘you're my hero’ or ‘you make me happy.’ I even get the occasional dick pic!  Those are the messages that matter.”  

Big Dipper’s Extra Good, which also features such thumpin’ dance tunes as Ridiklus and Good at Sex, is available now on iTunes and all major online music retailers. For more information, visit