My Gay Toronto - Bellini's 8 1/2


by Paul Bellini

Kurtis Wolfe was the winner of Best Body at The 2015 Hookies International. The Hookies are awards given to male prostitutes. Kurtis Wolfe is a darling boy, naturally sexy and sweet. He’s the subject of a new video campaign launched by, called #LoveWhatIDo, which attempts to put a positive spin on hustling.

The video is great. Kurtis gorgeously gets out of bed and proceeds to have a healthy smoothie and a quick jog, then puts on a ten-gallon hat and plaid shirt and goes for a drive. He tries on a pair of cowboy boots and proceeds to tell us about all the opportunities that sex work has brought him. Previous installments of #LoveWhatIDo feature fascinating profiles of both transman Viktor Belmont ( and black sex worker Drilla (

Founder Jeffrey Davids says is not an escort service, but rather a social networking site for hustlers and johns. The company makes full use of YouTube, first with a series called Rentboy Talks (in which various sex workers are interviewed) and now with #LoveWhatIDo.

I’ve always said, prostitution is not for everyone, but for some people, being either a hooker or a john is natural and beneficial. It’s time for society, especially gay men, to recognize sex work as a form of therapy and stop with the nonsense slut shaming. is doing what it can to make that happen.