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I’m a Stripper: Episode 1

by Paul Bellini

Charlie David and Nico Stagias have worked on lots of TV shows over the years, including Out TV’s Bump. They also teamed up to make I’m A Stripper, a reality series about male strippers now available for purchase or rental via Vimeo.

Though both Charlie and Nico are cute enough to be strippers themselves, they clearly were inspired by Magic Mike. They set out to interview various dancers in Las Vegas, Montreal and Niagara Falls. Episode 1 profiles three guys – an Aussie named Alexander whose dream is to shoe horses; an Asian guy named Suntory with parent issues; and Jeremy, a big dumb straight dude who says some of the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard, but I will admit his honesty is refreshing. All three are sexy in that big muscle hairless chest kind of way.

The show digs deep, featuring interviews with parents and friends of the guys. The episodes are littered with “Stripper Stats,” little pop-up bits of information. For instance, according to the show, 91% of strippers remain close with their parents, and a third are actually paying their way through college and are not just saying that to make you feel guilty.

Because they were designed for broadcast, don’t expect to see any cocks. However, the producers certainly had lots of footage of the guys smoking pot. It should also be noted that many of the performance scenes in Episode 1 involve female-only audiences, whose wild, unbridled enthusiasm certainly looks better on camera. Also, women aren’t shy about watching male strippers. The few scenes set in an underpopulated gay bar feel a little staged. Women cheer, but men leer.
Regardless, I’m hooked (no pun intended) and I can hardly wait to watch Episode 2. Stay tuned for my next blog entry on I’m A Stripper.

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