My Gay Toronto - Bellini's 8 1/2

Iā€™m a Stripper: Episode 2

by Paul Bellini

Episode 2 of I’m A Stripper focuses on two guys ā€“ Bronco, who played hockey as a kid and still runs his own hockey school; and Gabriel, a French-Canadian bisexual dancer and porn star who is also a practicing Wiccan.

The episode goes deep into their relationships. We see Bronco with his mom, who seems unfazed by anything, and with his best friend from childhood, a total pill blonde chick named BJ who poo poos Bronco’s choice of career. Bronco is a bit full of himself, but he has won a lot of titles, starting with Mr. CHIN Picnic. He admits to using steroids and once grew tits which required a dual mastectomy. He’s pretty gorgeous with those blue eyes, but I must say I was turned off by his teensy Mohawk.

As for Gabriel, we meet his girlfriend, a big girl named Laila who runs an escort service. She totally loves him, and waits patiently as he exercises his open relationship privileges by having sex with guys. He even introduces his girlfriend to his fuck buddy David, and although there is no 3-way chemistry, they hit it off in a civilized fashion.

Gabriel also sees lots of his dad Lucas, who provides us with the episode’s only real shock. I won’t give it away, but it is good.

The episode also touches on one of the many elephants in the room ā€“ aging. Like ballet or gymnastics, it’s hard to be old and still be in the game. What happens to strippers when they retire? Personally, I would love to see some hot older men onstage, but the problem with stripping is that club owners are not very adventurous. The fact that every guy removes all his body hair is such a turn-off.
The episode is also held together by radio sex expert Dr. Laurie Betito, who interviews the guys and offers some insight. I’m all caught up in I’m A Stripper. What on earth could Episode 3 be like? I can’t wait.

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