My Gay Toronto - Bellini's 8 1/2

I’m a Stripper: Episode 4

by Paul Bellini

On Episode 4 of I’m A Stripper, we take a look into the world of go-go boys. Go-go differs from stripping in that table dances and exposed genitals are not really a part of it, though the episode confuses the issue by including the all black guy troupe America’s Most Wanted, who seem to show their dicks to crowds of batshitcrazy women. (Of course it’s blurred, but what huge blurs!) The members of America’s Most Wanted have some of the sexiest bodies I’ve ever seen.

The episode also profiles other go-go boys including Blake, who as a child star was on Full House. After his career hit rock bottom in his late teens, he had an artistic revelation and decided that he wanted to shake his booty for other boys. Go-go boys like Blake don’t have to have big muscular frames. Indeed, his slender torso is a welcome change of pace.

There is also the south Asian guy, who has the feyest friends ever, but they are also loyal and protective. And the episode is not afraid to confront issues of self-loathing, but just as many strippers feel quite empowered by what they do.
This episode is also lots of fun for its man-on-the-street interviews, shot in the Church-Wellesley Village area. So there are lots of familiar faces, whether you’re happy to see them or not.

Watch I’m A Stripper at

Watch I’m A Stripper at