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I’m a Stripper: Episode 5

by Paul Bellini

Episode 5 of I’m A Stripper is about webcam strippers. In some ways, it’s the hottest episode, probably because the guys are a mixed bag of body types and ethnicities. Dr. Laurie cautions against it, saying stuff on the web will live forever and it gets around. Ironically, anonymity is an issue. There are some blurred faces, and one guy is even  interviewed in silhouette with his voice disguised. But the thing that I think really turns people on is that the models are usually sitting in their bedrooms, giving the proceedings a decidedly personal touch.

There’s a big section on the blandly named Brett Everett who, with his husband/manager, has run a successful site for several years. Theirs is a love story of sorts, which takes a sad turn when Brett, a kid from Saskatchewan, is forced out of the States pending a visa application. The husband takes a new lover but doesn’t break up with Brett, who eventually returns to the fold to complete a happy little ‘throuple.’

There is also a section on Brett Ray Fraser, an artist who paints with his dick. Throughout the series, there was absolutely no discussion of johns, who are constantly referred to as ‘they’ by the guys. But this episode at least features two men who are ultimate fans of their fave webcam models. The first guy refers to Fraser, whom he has never met, as a friend, and it’s easy to see why, as Fraser seems to be a very ‘regular’ guy who just happens to do nude webcam stuff.
Then there’s the weird request section, always amusing. The logic seems to be “I would never do that except for money,” but that’s a given with any act of prostitution, whether in person or virtual. Ultimately, I wish the series had spent a little more time humanizing johns. People should never be held to task for what arouses them.

In the final analysis, I’m A Stripper is a font of information and a total lark, an easy-to-watch television series that sheds a little light on its topic. We live in a culture trying hard to catch up when it comes to sexual acceptance, and this show does its little bit to get us there. See it.

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