My Gay Toronto - Bellini's 8 1/2

Difficult People delights

by Paul Bellini

The funniest show on TV is Difficult People.

Because it is made for Hulu and because the stars of the show are relatively unknown, you’ve probably never heard of it. But in the past I have sung the praises of sparkling gay wit Billy Eichner, who began his career doing “man on the street” interviews for Funny Or Die with ample gay flair.

Now, Billy has teamed up with Julie Klausner, who in some ways is the ultimate fag hag, but as the creator and writer of this show, she is also so much more than that. Difficult People follows the exploits of two New York City entertainment bloggers named Billy and Julie as they circle the world of the very famous, causing insult and injury repeatedly. They are more than difficult, they are downright cunty, but that’s what makes them so lovable.

I cannot tell you how many times they’ve made me laugh out loud. Like when they step into a PBS fundraiser with roast jokes about PBS stars. Or when Julie does a threeway with a guy who later robs her and her boyfriend, or when Billy takes a driving lesson and runs over David Byrne of the Talking Heads.

But be warned, the Amy Poehler-produced show really divides people. Just as many loathe