My Gay Toronto - Bellini's 8 1/2

Bombay Black

by Paul Bellini

Factory's new show, Bombay Black, is being directed by the legendary Peter Hinton and stars Kawa Ada.

In the past, Hinton has had rewarding experiences directing shows with one gender, and he is well known for it. Every other time he has attempted this, it has been done with an all-female cast, but this time, with Bombay Black, he thought it would work best as an all-male cast for several reasons. 

The play, which won four Dora Awards, is about a girl in Mumbai who gives sexy dances in her apartment, but one day a blind guy shows up and all drama is let loose.
Firstly, Hinton was impressed with how frank and damning Anosh Irani wrote about men in Bombay Black. It is rare to hear a male voice speak about the problems and tragedies imposed by men in male dominated societies, such as India. So as a man, with his extensive background in non-traditional gender casting, he was inspired to cast the show in this way to push Anosh's intensions in the script even further.


And given the illegal status of LGBTQ rights in India today, Factory’s gender neutral cast will give Bombay Black a uniquely queer perspective – fully developing the plays examination of “blindness” in regard to the perception of social rights and the cultural construction of gender in India, and around the world. 

Let’s hope those exotic dance numbers are hot.

Bombay Black run from Nov. 17 to Dec. 6 at the Factory Theatre, 125 Bathurst St., Toronto