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Bill & Hillary:
So This Is That Thing Called Love

by Paul Bellini

It’s impossible to avoid news of the race for the American presidency, and it’s still a year away! So much attention has been focused on bloviator Donald Trump, but an equal amount of attention is being paid to Hillary Clinton.

What an amazing biography, the story of a young lawyer with intense ambition, who met a young man with the same intense ambition, and how they both maintained political careers while surviving scandal after scandal. And all those scandals can be found in a new book by Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince entitled Bill & Hillary: So This Is That Thing Called Love, from Blood Moon Productions.

There’s all the regular stuff, like the impact of Monica Lewinsky and the embarrassment it caused, and there is also the Vince Foster story. Foster was her lover, apparently, employed by the Clintons as a legal advisor. He was handsome and charming and unfortunately shot himself in the wake of an early scandal. The whole episode reads like a great, tragic, doomed love story, one that changed Hillary forever. 

The book brims with Washington gossip of the era, like when teenage Laura Bush ran over and killed her ex-boyfriend, or the fact that the White House hid Reagan’s Alzheimer’s so that he could finish his second term with dignity, even if he didn’t know where he was. But the best gossip is the size of Bill Clinton’s cock, a measly five and a half inches. That’s what I love most about the Porter/Prince books - they always dish the dirt on cock size. These are the biographies I dreamed about as a child.

The Clintons are a modern political dynasty, like kings and queens of yore. It’s the story of how his charm, and her ability to command respect have kept them in the political eye for over 25 years. Hillary ran for the Democratic candidacy before, and lost to Obama, but this time she’s ready. This is a woman who, according to this fascinating book, was certain that she would be the first female President back when she was a kid. Even if she doesn’t win, she has earned her place in history, not just as a First Lady, but as a political legend. 

Bill & Hillary: So This Is That Thing Called Love is available at all major book stores and online.