My Gay Toronto - Bellini's 8 1/2

Gay for pay and proud of it

by Paul Bellini

Recently, MTV’s True Life dedicated an episode to two straight guys who do gay porn. It focuses on Luke, a 20 year old jaw-dropping beauty who most of us would recognize as Broke Straight Boy’s Vadim Black (I provide photographic evidence), and a guy named Ben, 26, who goes under the equally drab name of Sean. Both are in relationships with women. Both are emphatic about being straight guys. Both suck and fuck other men for their livelihood. 

This may baffle most, but as someone who spent a year working as a pornographer’s assistant, it isn’t that weird. I worked for a local ‘content producer’ who frequently employed two straight studs, both in relationships with women, and both very comfortable with their jobs. There’s just something about some men who don’t mind being worshiped or manhandled by horny gays. The money was okay - they each made between 500 to 800 bucks per shoot, although those figures have since decreased. One of the guys often brought his girlfriend along, to act as his fluffer. I asked if she minded watching her beloved have sex with other people. “As long as it’s not with another women,” she replied.

Usually though, the guys, who never ever used narcotics or alcohol on set, were forced to use erectile enhancers. Viagra can make someone turn bright red, not a problem in a dingy bathhouse, but a disaster on a brightly lit set. So the guys would inject a serum called Tri-Mix directly into the bases of their cocks, giving them erections that would effortlessly last a long time. They didn’t need it for arousal, necessarily, but when you are shooting fuck scenes, in several different positions and camera set-ups, over a period of several hours, even the biggest stud on earth needs a little help to stay hard for all that. 

What I learned is that sex workers are workers. Their job is to fuck on camera, and some guys are made for it. Hardcore porn has only been with us as an industry for about 45 years. I like to think that 45 years from now, most people will be used to it, and not judge it so harshly. The day will come when some kid stands up in class and says “My daddy is a gay porn star."

It was easy to be appalled, then, by the pundit response. Four ridiculous twats, Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Wes Clark Jr., and Mark Thompson, blabbed bullshit on some stupid show called The Young Turds, er, Turks. Their moralistic highmindedness was no surprise, and neither were the appalling poop chute jokes. I guess society still needs morons like them to rain down judgement on the sex industry. You can watch their idiotic banter here, (, but why bother? Their lack of perspective is boringly predictable. 

So, gay guys, you have to ask yourselves where you stand on the sex industry, and the role straight guys play in gay porn. I’ve read some atrocious sex negative comments from the very same men who blow loads over this stuff. You can’t have it both ways, dear. Meanwhile, if you want to watch super cute Vadim Black struggle with a way to tell his sweet and innocent young girlfriend what he does for a living, check it out here: