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Sapphic Aquatica is back with their over-the-top sexy Pride edition. DJ Ace Dillinger compliments an eclectic array of talent including; The Eccentric One plus drag artists Spencer  Munny and Pretty Riikkii. This sex-positive, body-positive space is for women and trans identified revellers and offers spaces to explore kink, fetish and all variations of consensual play. The event is held at Oasis AquaLounge which boasts an outdoor heated pool, hot tub, dry sauna, towel and locker service but it's the live fire performer and Sybian rides (by a trained operator) that will guarantee a hot, wet night for all.

MISS F will host the event and as one of the organizers, the event is being used as a tool to raise money and awareness for Rainbow Railroad. As MISS F explains, "I have raised money for Rainbow Railroad for other Pride Sapphic events in previous years but I was first exposed to them in 2013 when the city was preparing for World Pride. I was really moved by this charitable organization that helps at-risk  LGBTQ+ folks escape from life-threatening situations, simply for being themselves. I feel very grateful to be able to be out and proud in North America because there are other countries where that type of expression is punishable by death. I think that particularly during Pride celebrations, we should reflect on the ways that we are privileged and to reach out and help other queer folks that are not so lucky. I want Sapphic Aquatica bring awareness to this organization because what they do is so very important. This event is about creating space to celebrate our bodies, desires and identities but I think we also need to look beyond ourselves and really come together as a community. Donations are PWYC and are voluntary but queer/trans lives are invaluable; you cannot put a cost on freedom.

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