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Fab Five Quickies for Him

by Drew Rowsome

Fab Five Quickies for Him is available on iTunes. 

When YouTube just isn’t enough, Ouat Media has put together a package of award-winning gay male short films from around the world. Combined they make an intriguing and eclectic evening of viewing but be warned that, for a Pride-themed compilation, only two have happy endings. Short films require conflict and mood and in these shorts the closet figures heavily as a downer villain. As is tradition in gay-themed shorts, a tasty abundance of male flesh and erotic sex scenes make up for the angst.

“A Thousand Empty Glasses” references Oscar Wilde and is a period piece with a love triangle that expands into the ultimate tragic, and somewhat violent, fate of fag hags and closeted artists. “Play Name” documents a love story that is really a one night stand and features a stunning performance by Vin Kridakorn who has no fears of exposing his heart or his body. “Kiss Me,” which is slated to expand to a feature, digs into the eroticism of boxing but the presence of a “shameful secret,” that isn’t really a secret to anyone with a speck of gaydar, feels unnecessarily melodramatic.

“Spring” is a complete turnaround and is a highly charged psychological exploration of what plays as a more realistic video. As hot, tense and disturbing as the mood of this short is, it is also the one with the biggest emotional payoff (not a “happy ending,” this is not porn despite the borrowing of the iconography). The grand finale is, naturally, a musical. “Slut! The Musical” is a lot of fun and is heartwarming in that Australian coming-of-age way. Any time a bad girl in a towering Amy Winehouse wig gets a finger snapping number and an aspiring male dancer sings, “I wanna be a slut,” good times are guaranteed. The equation of gay sex with slutdom is, even though necessary for the plot, a bit disconcerting, but gay love triumphs and a Wizard of Oz reference seals the deal.

Fab Five Quickies for Him is much like an Inside Out shorts program or the Rhubarb Festival: some are great, some provoke thought, some don’t quite cut it, but it is fascinating to see where gay art is going and what expressions are being worked out.

Fab Five Quickies for Him is available on iTunes.