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What Straight Men Can Learn From Gay GUYS

by drew rowsome

If we needed another reminder that Pride has changed, here it is: a cute hipster (gay or not? It's hard to tell with hipsters . . .) is sent out with a cameraman to get tips on "What straight guys can learn from gay guys" to the aim of "Seducing women, secrets revealed . . . by Gay men?!" The interviewer is obviously nervous and starts by interviewing straight women - because Pride is now infested with straight women - who give him the usual information that gay guys have a better fashion sense, better hygiene, listen and, remarkably, the women actually seem to like the idea that there is no chance of sex. By the time he gets to interviewing actual gay men the stereotypes fly with one declaring that "Muscles are so 2008" and another bragging about his OCD and four showers daily. As a comic video it is entertaining for gay men but straight men hunting for actual tips it will not be very enlightening. However gay men may get a bit more insight into the emotional life of their hags - though I suspect that all the "listening" is just for appearances while they are busy cruising the hottie, possibly with muscles, across the room.

The video is brought to us by a newly launched blog (only one entry so far that is a paen to male nerds) that is promoting that helps singles matchmake their Facebook friends and be matchmade. Now that is an interesting video ready to be made  . . .