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Something delicious this way comes

by Drew Rowsome

The Delicious Food Show runs Fri, Oct 25 to Sun, Oct 27 at the Better Living Centre, 195 Princes Blvd, Exhibition Place.

As in many gay households The Food Network is a default station on our television. Whether gleaning tips or getting ideas or just enjoying the hunky chefs - why is a man who cooks well automatically sexier? - like David Rocco and Chuck Hughes, the sounds of onions sizzling or a mix master whirring are as comforting, and erotic, a background noise as Sade. Our kitchen contains hundreds of gadgets, shelves of spices and a permanent shrine to Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking, but of course we all crave more and the newest, best and brightest. The Delicious Food Show sprawls over the massive Better Living Centre with hundreds of exhibitors, retail representatives, cooking demonstrations and, yes, both David Rocco and Chuck Hughes in person, up close and personal. Just gazing at Hughes' tattooed biceps and forearms and knowing that this is the proud Canadian who defeated Bobby Flay on Iron Chef will be a celebrity encounter to remember.

The big get of The Delicious Food Show is Martha Stewart who is in her own inimitable way a gay icon. Stewart releases the inner do-it-yourselfer goddess in all of us and delivers empowerment to all culinary dreamers. Her Halloween shows are must-sees and it is a delight to watch her get down and spooky. In an earlier time period she would have played well as one of Alfred Hitchcock's classic icy blonde sex objects but in the near present she will be gracing Toronto. Stewart is no cupcake, she is a complete and complex cake of many layers. The Delicious Food Show's project manager Mike Chalut let it slip that Stewart will be working the floor and interacting much more than would be expected of one of her stature: close encounters of the culinary kind!

Aside from the celebrity factor - and chefs have, thank goodness, replaced boy bands, Bieber and porn stars as idols - The Delicious Food Show offers endless gastronomic goodies. Workshops, seminars, a farmer's market, food trucks, an International Pavilion and, of course, cocktails are going to make for a full day or two of browsing, noshing and doing Julia Child proud.

The Delicious Food Show runs Fri, Oct 25 to Sun, Oct 27 at the Better Living Centre, 195 Princes Blvd, Exhibition Place.