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MGT - MARTHA STEWART & Delicious Food Show Toronto 2013

Video & Editing Sean Leber ; Photos by Raul De Silva ; Column: Drew Rowsome

MyGayToronto goes to the Delicious Food Show and gets advice from Martha Stewart. We also discover amazing and fabulous food and products.

The Delicious Food Show runs Fri, Oct 25 to Sun, Oct 27 at the Better Living Centre, 195 Princes Blvd, Exhibition Place.


At the delicious Delicious Food Show

Raul is not at his best in the morning and rising at 6am to head out into the cold and dark does not bring out the best in him. But nothing - absolutely nothing - keeps him from rushing to theDelicious Food Showto not only peruse all the fantastic foodie fantasies on display but to see Martha Stewart herself. They meet up with Drew's boss Sean who is an accomplished chef and an enthusiastic foodie.

First up is a collection of food trucks, parked in a circle indoors, that are part of a fundraising project for Mount Sinai Hospital. Not only can one dine on Buster's Sea Cove's lobster rolls and key lime pie but a portion of the proceeds goes to a good cause. Calories and no guilt.

Soda Stream flaunts it's flavours mojito and margarita and for the Delicious Food Show, though unfortunately not until later in the day - it is extremely early in the morning, they are adding alcohol. All dutifully taste the pink grapefruit flavour and it is refreshing and lives up to the company's motto of "We love bubbles." Also loving bubbles are the Dairy Farmers of Canada who are pairing cheeses with beers. TheIvanhoe Horseradish Cheddar doesn't need to be paired with anything, the gentle kick it provides just after chewing is taste treat enough.

Substantial and time-appropriate noshes are found at the Piller's booth where a gluten-free breakfast sandwich is actually delicious. Appropriate because Piller's is the sponsor of the "Naturally Delicious" section of the Delicious Food Show. Chef Steve, clad in tight black shorts and clogs, gleefully hands out half sandwiches and we gleefully gobble them down. He notes that the ham, while having no chemical additives, is spiced and flavoured because, "You all need a bit of garlic to get you going in the morning."

The "Naturally Delicious" section is a bit disturbing because of the relentless fear of gluten, Drew wonders if across the street at Screemers there is a gluten creature that jumps out and terrifies anyone who dares to eat. This fear hits its peak at The Tea Emporium which proudly trumpets gluten-free tea. They are also offering special tea cocktails, alas we only try a Jasmine Flower Mocktail that is delicious but would have benefited from a dash of spirits to quell Drew's now overwhelming conviction that he will be glutenized out of existence. He is fascinated though by the concept of muddling and watching the mocktail-maker brandish a big wooden stick to smash up citrus is a combination of the culinary and linguistic arts that amuses him immensely. Raul, of course, is already an accomplished muddler.

Some of the healthy foods are quite tasty with Vicky's Artisan Flatbreads getting an enthusiastic thumbs up and the pumpkin and protein powder drink from Vega is a smooth autumny concoction that tastes so sinfully good it shouldn't be healthy. Also a fabulous fluid is the 100% Pure Wild Blueberry Juice from Van Dyk's by Nature. Drew's mom insists that everyone should eat a half cup of blueberries a day in order to ward off all ills. This juice makes it a breeze and they also offer all sorts of intriguing recipes including a Wild Blueberry Chutney that is supposed to be best when paired with seared Nova Scotia scallops.

Special mention has to go to the Kale Kickers frombenourished and their relentlessly charming and enthusiastic representative. It takes real skill and handsome charisma to get Drew to put a withered looking green sprig in his mouth first thing in the morning. That it was tastier than a potato chip or popcorn was a pleasant surprise and it is the one item that Drew forced Raul, who remember is not a morning person (especially when it comes to food), to try. Drew's favourite is the Spicy Lime while Raul lauds the Sour Cream & Onion Ring.

Enough healthy eating. Drew digs into a steak and bacon Kanga's Aussie Meat Pie and the juicy gravy-laden goodness and buttery crunchy crust is hearty enough to scare off any gluten goblins. Following it with a chocolatey Tim-Hortons-has-never-achieved-this confection from Jelly Modern Donuts is the, pun intended, icing on the cake. And the ones that are crowned with candy corn are hilarious, nostalgic and succulent.

Raul's favourite finds include Hot Bunzz Street Cuizine because of the brilliant concept of combining a vegetable, a meat and a dessert into one tasty package and The Pie Guyzwho have a Tandoori Chicken Pot Pie that is absolutely tantalizing. He is also fascinated with Cedarlane Culinary's Sous Vide Supreme. He is sure that room could be made in the kitchen for one more appliance, especially one that would dramatically change R&D's eating habits for the better. He stares wistfully again and again and repeats repeatedly that Christmas is coming.

Martha Stewart's Q&A is inspiring and, exhausted and with full bellies, R&D head for the exit. But first they stop to sample, on Sean's recommendation, Sabra's Roasted Pine Nut Hummus. It is exquisite. And on sale: there are bargains as well as samples at the Delicious Food Show. Sean buys himself two containers and gifts R&D with two. While Sean and Raul discuss how best to make homemade crisps for dipping, Drew waddles back to the Sabra booth to sample the guacamole. Best to be fortified for the ride home.

The Delicious Food Show runs Fri, Oct 25 to Sun, Oct 27 at the Better Living Centre, 195 Princes Blvd, Exhibition Place.