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Cathy Marchese feeds
the rhythm of Riverside's Eats & Beats

"I'm a drummer so the whole eats and beats concept seemed fitting in terms of introducing a different type of art within Dimensions Custom Framing and Fine Art Gallery," says Cathy Marchese of her role in the RiversideTO Eats & Beats StreetFEST. Marchese will be pounding her kit, adding yet another rhythmic element to the vibrant afternoon. "I'm looking forward to the other rhythmic concoctions that'll be peppering Riverside. I've heard there's also a lot of tasty treats being offered and showcased by some of the local businesses, I'm glad I'll be drumming for two hours - I'll need to burn a few calories."

Marchese will be at times joined by guitarist Carmen Cariaso from Blackfish and their 20-year friendship and frequent gigs together will make the hours of jamming, 2-4pm, less challenging. "Improv can be an isolated experience within a vast space," says Marchese. "I'd compare it to sky diving. There's a sense of spontaneity that fits my personality and there's something refreshing but the structure of a band keeps me in line and sometimes I need that. I enjoy sharing the experience of creating moments with other bandmates and giving a big old high five when we all felt something really came together."

Eats & Beats is showcasing a huge variety of musicians, chefs and the  over 125 artists participating in the Riverdale Art Walk. "Both of Dimensions owners, Wendy and Ellen, are really big supporters of local emerging and established artists," says Marchese. "They showcase great artists and offer exceptional custom framing. They've been in Riverside for close to two years now and their presence has really added to the buzz Riverside's been stirring up. Really trendy, friendly, hip and current." And for any Art Walk artists still prepping for the big event, "Dimensions is actually currently offering $50 off of any $200 or over custom framing order until July 31st."

Marchese thinks it is "Very cool," that Eats & Beats is being trumpeted as a WorldPride affiliated event but is unsure of how that affiliation works. She is sure about the other big gig she has lined up for WorldPride, "I'll be playing with my band, local hot hard rockers Crackpuppy. We're opening for Against Me at Dundas Square on Friday, June 27. The square will be jammed and it's a great honour to be opening for such an incredible band who have created so much buzz."

But for Eats & Beats, Marchese will be displaying her pride in her pounding prowess with the beats portion of the program, in front of Dimensions, 732 Queen Street East. And burning a lot of calories to particpate in the eats.

The RiversideTO Eats & Beats StreetFest runs 1-6pm on Sat, June 7, centred around the Queen & Broadview intersection.,