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Hone Or "Gone" Fitness?

By Sean Leber

By now you have all heard about the overnight closing of Yonge Fitness Gym in October last year. It left members scratching their head the following day in front of locked doors and notices of the gym's permanent closure.  Some members were quite furious as they had just the previous day signed a full year membership.

Fast forward 9 months later and today on the same spot a new gym has emerged called Hone Fitness, offering membership with no contracts for $10 or $20 per month based on how much of the new facility would you like to use.

The new owner remarkably resembles the previous one in attitude and price and promises that seem too good to be true.

On personal note for some reason it reminds me of low cost airline carriers, good prices, nice and fancy, lots of promises and next day they just disappear.

Time will tell if this Fitness facility will stick around and be "Hone" or "Gone".

p.s. couple of Facebook comments here:

Ay Dee Dee
Love this place, great vibe, great staff, AMAZING price, can't go wrong, highly recommend it

Rick DaPonte
When I click on "about" it gives me:1 610-429-3160 as a number which leads me to a company called "Mers Group" and then when I dial the number 416-499-9966 listed on a flyer it doesn't seem to work at all. Sounding very fishy.

fyi: MGT Staff coud not find any info on "Mers Group" on Google either.

7 Isabella Street, Phone (416) 499-9966, mail:
Website: ;