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Gay Parenting

More and more lesbians, gay men and singles are becoming parents or want to become parents. Lesbians and gay men often become parents the same reasons that heterosexuals do, some pursue parenting as a single person and others seek to create families as a couple. Society has become more accepting of same-sex couples with children and their families.

The rise in same-sex/single parenting is partially due to the increase in options available. The LGBTQ community can access several treatment options including the use of donor sperm or eggs, gestational carriers, traditional surrogacy, or directed egg. During this stressful process, it is a important to have a clinic that understands the unique concerns and challenges for an LBGTQ person or couple looking to start a family.  We are lucky that in Toronto, there is a clinic to guide and help people through the entire process.  The ISIS Regional Fertility Center in Mississauga, with a second location in Oakville, has one goal: "Our goal at ISIS is to make this journey towards the creation of your family, as positive and special as it should be."

If you have ever thought of or are considering starting your family, this is the place to help and to answer all your questions.