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The smooth taste of Dark Hard Chocolate

"If black gay men eat ass, then you should put it in there," was the response to author Kwame Stephens received to his concerns about the sexual content in his book Dark Hard Chocolate. "I showed it to some of my friends: black men, a white woman, a lesbian, an Asian guy. A cross-section is good to gauge reactions. It seems to be pretty accessible. I write for and from a gay audience, but I believe a story's a story's a story. In school we were forced to go into the world of Shakespeare, I present the world I'm in. If it's authentic it's universal, for me that's the framework of the book." 

“Harder baby, harder!” Devin moaned. He was on his back, his legs spread wide and his lover Thabo deep inside him. Thabo leaned over and kissed Devin on the lips. Devin wrapped his arms around Thabo’s neck for a few moments as their bodies moved in synch. Two years of being in a committed relationship had turned their lovemaking into a dance of two bodies and souls. Devin moved his hands and clutched Thabo’s big biceps.

Stephens only hesitation was the explicitness of the material. "I was ready to publish last year but I wasn't ready to expose myself. It's based on reality, based on my reality and that of other black men I know. With black men, some of us agree that you have to cut through quite a few layers. My analogy is that you're viewing from the side of the stream. For me I had to work through my Christian morality, I worked on it for 22 years. I believed that every sexual encounter was supposed to lead to a relationship. It's been quite a journey. I still believe that everyone's on that universal quest for that elusive thing called love."

“Yes muscle man, make me all yours, Thabo,” Devin moaned. Their love making continued for a while then Devin gently pushed Thabo off him. Dev passed him a new condom. Dev turned over on his stomach and said, “Take me from behind baby.” 

While searching for love, the characters in Dark Hard Chocolate have a lot of physical encounters. Did Stephens do a lot of research? "I haven't had that much sex! Not in the 22 years I've been out," he says ruefully. Then he laughs when asked if, based on the stories in Dark Hard Chocolate, he is indeed an assman, "Totally. Smooth butts all the way."

“I wish this would never end,” Dev said as their intense lovemaking continued. “Me too,” said Thabo as he quickened his pace . . .thrusting faster and faster and faster . . . with Dev backing his ass into him. 

"I was trying to figure out what to do after Man2Man. What do you do after you have a hit? I struggled with that. Then I did one short story, which is what I used to do for years, the art form I love the most. I used to crank out Christian stories. But now I'm thinking that the stories might be too short. The story of Damien and Emmanuel wants to be a novel, way before the events of Man2Man and Dark Hard Chocolate, and way beyond. It's just the time, time, time. I do want to do a two week or ten day run of Man2Man next year. Then I can put that play to rest."

“I like it when I make you cum like that,” Dev said as he felt Thabo’s warm cum land on the small of his back. 

"In Montreal this weekend, I met a gay couple who've been together for 16 years. That's a wonderful thing to be that comfortable. At least I can write about it sometimes." Stephens laughs, "Don't make it look like I'm desperate or always looking, I'm enjoying my sex life."

Thabo smiled. “You know you have that effect on me,” he said and slapped the ass that had just drained his dick. The two men were soon back in bed after freshening up.

"I want it to be a fun launch," says Stephens. "DJ Blackcat has organized, again I owe him a debt of gratitude. And Glad Day Bookshop, they've been pushing the book so I had to order a reprint for the launch." The launch party is billed as an "erotic, poetic, theatrical event" and is followed by an "Ol Skool After Party" featuring both DJs Blackcat and Craig Dominic. "I promise surprises," says Stephens. "There will be models, giveaways, readings, music and, of course, chocolate." 
"Dark hard chocolate."

Dark Hard Chocolate launches Fri, Oct 12 at 120 Diner, 120 Church St. Followed by Go Hard "Noir" All Black Affair (Blackcat's Birthday Edition).,

Dark Hard Chocolate is available at Glad Day Bookshop, 598 Yonge St and for download at