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We Are ALL Clean

It is World AIDS Day again. World AIDS Day was first observed in 1987 though the crisis had begun many years before. And continues today.

Despite all the progress we have made there is still a stigma attached to people living with HIV and activist Jack Mackenroth has - riffing on the successful ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and the testicular cancer awareness campaign Cock in a Sock - created a fun, sexy way to combat it,

I was inspired by the use of the word 'clean,' especially common in gay culture, to describe oneself as STI/STD free. Indirectly this implies that HIV-positive people are somehow 'dirty.' I thought a PG or PG-13 shower selfie or Vine video would be a fun way that everyone could easily show their support for finding a cure by using social media and by using the hashtag #weareALLclean when they post their photo with the link. They then nominate three other people to participate and hopefully donate to the project as well.

The campaign hasn't gained as much traction as its inspirations, but the photos will continue to do their job in cyberspace - and probably as a few screensavers - and there is still time to donate by visiting

And the next World AIDS Day will roll around soon enough so there is lots of time to get naked and create the perfect selfie. As actor, model, singer-songwriter, activist and spearhead of the west coast weareALLclean campaign, Chris Salvatore says,

It's time to erase the stigma and unite as a global community. Regardless of your gender or sexual identity - no matter what age, color, size or shape you are, you should be part of this project! Let's all be one loud, united voice in support of awareness, education, treatment and research for a cure. And have fun with it. Be funny, sexy, or silly. Who doesn't want to see people in the shower soaping up for a good cause?