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By Drew Rowsome

Rexall drugstore goes to the dogs and stops the sniffles
on Friday, December 12

Every Rexall drugstore, including the one at 63 Wellesley St E, that meets its goal of the day gets $100 from head office for the charity of their choice. They then are entered into a raffle for $500. 63 Wellesley St E picked the Humane Society because are they in the Village and so many people have pets that they really care about.

The "goal" the stores are aiming for is a record number of immunizing flu shots. While a quick jab won't protect you from every nasty bug going around this winter, it will definitely make your chances of getting severely sick from a flu or cold, slimmer. And it's free. Just be sure to bring your health card. And if you prefer you can download the consent form ahead of time at and bring that in as well to save time.

Friday, December 12 is the optimal day for a flu vaccine because the Rexall store is going to the dogs. They'r e asking all flu shot receivers, and anyone else with a soft spot for animals in need, to bring items to donate to the Humane Society. "It's winter so they have a real need for blankets and towels," says Ayesha, "but we're accepting bowls, treats, food, toys, almost anything for cats, dogs and small species including birds." 

If this event goes well, Rexall might keep accepting donations past the date of December 12, but they are looking forward to delivering a load of Christmas gifts and cheer as well as a cheque to the less fortunate wards of the Humane Society. Not to mention an injection of good health to the human population of the Village.

Friday, December 12