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Kingston Canadian Film Festival

I just got back from the Kingston Canadian Film Festival. A film I made, called Bellini’s Rain, was selected to play as one of the shorts. It’s a moody black and white art film about me driving around with no windshield wipers, and looking damn nervous as a result. I made the film with a Kingston native, James Greatrex, who edited and co-produced the film.

Being a ‘director’ at a film festival is like dying and going to Heaven. Everyone is nice to you, and there is free food and booze everywhere. I also sat on a panel entitled “Breaking In”, in which various high schoolers asked questions about show biz and I tried hard not to dash their dreams to pieces. My biggest piece of advice – get an agent!

I saw a few Canadian films as well, including Monsoon (about rainy season in India) and Dirty Singles (about heterosexual couples cheating on each other). The latter was directed by my old pal Alex Pugsley, who did a great job. I also met a bunch of other Canadian directors and actors and flirted outrageously all night long.
And no, we did not win the prize for best short film. After you watch this trailer, you too will wonder how that was possible.