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The Final Frontier - Part I

Ten years ago grooming below the belt was not unknown but was mostly done discreetly. Now that manscaping is a polite topic for dinner conversation, trim and tidy nether regions are something anyone can aspire to having.

A recent survey by Gillette found that only one in five men keep their pubes close cropped, while 92 percent of respondents found sculpted or coiffed crown jewels more appealing.

There is a whole industry dedicated to keeping men’s crotch contents clean, fresh and ready for close inspection. Grooming below the belt is no longer an oddity, but rather a regular part of many gay men’s routine.
Of course there are still questions that are embarrassing to ask and tips to be found . . .


With the hipster beard trend mercifully near its end, many will be matching their newly nude chin to the end of their treasure trail. The reasons are for doing so are mainly visual – porn stars are usually hairless in order to create that extra optical inch one gains from a lack of pubic hair -  but many men also like the way it feels.

Andy Rouillard, owner of Axiom Men’s Grooming Salon, says, “Hair-free skin can certainly feel cooler and fresher, and also helps to reduce body odour, especially during hot and humid weather. As for anything below the belt; nobody likes to see sideburns poking out the side of a pair of trunks, do they?”

If you are going to trim, shave or wax, there are a few things that ease the process:

Trim Before You Shave

A light trim is often all that’s needed to make pubic hair neat and tiday, but if you want a totally smooth look, and are using a razor to achieve it, trim the hair back first. There are a specialist devices -  Philips Bodygroom, Braun CruZer6 Body, Wahl Body Groomer or the King of Shaves Prostyle Bodystyler – which make shaving much easier and less hazardous.


Take A Cold Shower

To turn fuzzy balls into glistening domes, splash them with cold water before shaving or commit the act during a cold shower. The boys will pull up tight and the skin will grow taut and less vulnerable to nicks or cuts.
Using a transparent shave gel like Gillette Fusion Clear Shave Gel  will let you see what you are doing. Use short, gentle strokes and take your time. And most definitely do not attempt when under any influence other than a passion for fashion.

You can, if you’re not concerned about the already depleted pheromones, apply an unscented aftershave balm like Clinique’s Post Shave Soother.


A Balanced Approach

When trimming pubic hair instead of a complete shave, it is aesthetically pleasing to trim stomach and chest hair to a similar length.

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