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The Final Frontier - Part II

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Make Trimming Part Of Your Routine

To minimise the risk of itchy re-growth, get into the habit of shaving regularly.
If you’re worried about unsightly spots forming after you shave or wax, try using an antiseptic spray like Outback Organics Post-Wax Spray or Elemis Tea Tree S.O.S Spray.

Call In The Professionals

If you’ll settle for nothing less than super smooth, consider a professional wax. They might be a little eye-watering but the results will last much longer than if you just shave.

If you’re having a ‘Boyzilian’ in time for a beach holiday, though, allow at least three days between waxing and jetting off to give the skin plenty of time to settle.

A Sore Point

One of the least discussed skincare issues, ‘intimate chafing’ might be a painful topic for discussion, but experiencing it is even worse.

Caused by skin rubbing against itself, chafing can occur everywhere from the buttocks to the armpits, but the groin is also a prime area. You’re especially susceptible if you play sport and, if you’re prone to perspiring a lot, sweat can make things even worse.

The easiest way to soothe chafing and sweat rash is to apply a little nappy rash cream like Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream.

However, if you’re looking to prevent the problem, try a product like Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel or Below The Belt Sports Lubricant, both of which allow skin to glide, rather than rub against itself. Simply apply a small amount where you’re likely to rub. Wearing briefs or trunks instead of boxers can help too, as the fabric acts as a barrier to prevent skin rubbing.

Fresh Thinking

Like armpits, the male groin has its own unique and distinctive aroma. That unmistakable musky scent is largely down to the concentration of apocrine sweat glands. These glands are only found in a select few places on the body, including the armpits, around the nipples and – oddly – the ear canal.

They secrete a type of sweat that contains a blend of fats, proteins, steroids and chemicals – often labelled ‘emotional’ sweat because it’s triggered when we’re anxious, in pain or sexually aroused, where it acts as a kind of flag. So in a way, that singular smell is sometimes worth having.

That said, there will be times when you want to stay – and feel – clean and fresh. You don’t need me to tell you how best to achieve that (it involves water, unsurprisingly) but you may also want to check out a few specialist products aimed at keeping your undercarriage looking and smelling its finest.

Below The Belt’s Fresh & Dry Balls, which does exactly what it says on the tin, comes highly recommended, as does the brand’s Waterless Shower Groin Cleanser, which is to your ‘boys’ what dry shampoo is to hair.

Alternatively, you could try a talc-free powder like Balla Powder, which is highly absorbent, lightly fragranced and great at preventing that sticky situation known as ‘batwing ball’ (where the skin of your scrotum sticks your thighs). Thrill seekers will be pleased to know that Balla do a ‘Tingle Formula’ version, too.

Whatever you do, do yourself a favour and resist the temptation to use eau de toilette down there. Not only can it react badly with sweat, it smacks of a blatant cover-up. And no one likes unpleasant surprises down under.

having or commit the act during a cold shower. The boys will pull up tight and the skin will grow taut and less vulnerable to nicks or cuts.

Using a transparent shave gel like Gillette Fusion Clear Shave Gel  will let you see what you are doing. Use short, gentle strokes and take your time. And most definitely do not attempt when under any influence other than a passion for fashion.

You can, if you’re not concerned about the already depleted pheromones, apply an unscented aftershave balm like Clinique’s Post Shave Soother.