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Can we talk?

Having finally realized that Joan Rivers' shoes are too big to be filled, Kathy Griffin has resigned from what was left of the TV show Fashion Police. Ostensibly Griffin is departing because she took offense to a now notorious quip that was not only unfunny but also more than a little racist. Reading Griffin's muddled resignation letter doesn't really clarify matters but she is sure working the "I'm a gay ally" angle.

Rivers worked for years to earn icon status and still managed to offend many. But at least she was funny and even her cruellest barbs were couched in self-mockery. Poor Griffin works so hard, flails so badly and brays self-consciously about her own daringness, that it all smacks of self-promotion. The show was dying (did anyone watch the Oscar fashion recap all the way to the end?) and Griffin is getting out. Maybe it conflicted with the Justin Bieber roast . . .

Of course Griffin is getting lots of support for her courageous stand with tweets from the deranged Rosie O'Donnell, has-been Kelly Osbourne and, bizarrely, Jane Lynch who used to be funny before Glee jumped over the shark to become an confused embarrassment.

We all miss Joan Rivers. Will anyone miss Fashion Police? (Or Kathy Griffin?)