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Richard Ryder is one of the Queer Comics vlogging in the trenches of YouTube

by Drew Rowsome

Queer Comics is billed as "a collaborative LGBT comedian YouTube Channel." What it actually is, is a whole lot of funny. Funny vlogs.

Since Richard Ryder is busy asking questions and poking into  everybody's business for his Wednesday segments, cleverly entitled "Wednesdays with Richard," we asked three short questions of him.

Why Wednesday other than you are firmly associated with Hump Day?

Richard Ryder: Well, to tell the truth, Wednesday is the earliest I can get my vlog done. I review RuPaul's Drag Race for OUTtv as Wilma Fingerdoo for The Fingerdoo Review and from Thursday to Sunday, that takes up all my time. I have to watch the new episode a dozen times or more, make a new hat for Wilma and then film and edit the review myself. There are no elves helping this shoe maker, let me tell you! Well, that's not entirely true, I have Wilma's hard-done-by assistant Jorge on hand making cocktails! So as you can imagine, by Monday, I don't want to hear another thing about drag queens till at least Thursday when it starts all over again. To be honest, I'm glad it's almost over. I need a life!

Vlog: Originally a Klingon word or slang for an obscure gay sex act?

I can see where you'd think that, but no. Basically, a vlog is a Vine, that's 10 times longer. And if you ask me what a Vine is, I'll slap your face! Vlogging is blogging but with video. All the cool kids are doing it. Mostly because smart phones now have better cameras than computers! And with a selfie stick in hand, you can put together hi def videos to your heart's content! Trust me, if vlogging were hard, I certainly wouldn't do it.

What can we look forward to after your investigation into "Body Image?"

Oh us Queer Comics are covering everything! Nothing is too taboo. We'll be talking about first kisses, Who the ultimate diva is, Pride and what it means to me, Canada/being Canadian (for Canada Day, natch). No topic is forbidden and all vlogs will make you laugh because we have Vicki Lix, Andrew Johnston, Allysin Chaynes, Ashley Moffatt and Tranna Wintour all making weekly contributions. You can find Queer Comics on YouTube at:

Listen to Richard weekdays 6 -10am on The Pride Of Toronto, 103.9 PROUD FM,
Watch Richard weekly on OUTtv: