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Gaga’s turn?

by Drew Rowsome

Theatre queens were either jizzin' in their pants or utterly aghast when an instagrammed photo of two iconic gay divas appeared. Barbra Streisand and Lady Gaga posed in profile as if to emphasize their similar facial structure. Almost like mother and daughter . . . 

Could this be the hint that Streisand's long-gestating version of Gypsy is finally happening?

With Babs as Mama Rose and Gaga as Gypsy Rose Lee?

It makes a lot of sense. Both artists have taken ugly duckling looks and turned them into glamour through raw talent and a bizarre sense of style. And that is, in essence, one of the themes of Gypsy

Babs vocal prowess has been a force of nature from the first time it was unleashed; Gaga showed she could sing far beyond the confines of a pop star with her turns on Saturday Night LiveThe Howard Stern Show and in her duets with Tony Bennett and Kermit. How Babs will tackle Mama Rose's big number, "Rose's Turn," is the big question - the song is the Hamlet soliloquy of musical theatre and has previously been interpreted by an incredible array of divas: Ethel Merman, Rosalind Russell, Angela Lansbury, Tyne Daly, Bette Midler, Bernadette Peters and Patti Lupone.

Gaga has it easier: we know the girl can dance and entice. Going from the innocent Louise Hovick to the sultry and worldly Gypsy Rose Lee should be a snap and a shimmy. Gaga is already stretching her acting muscles, American Horror Story: Hotel is on its way and looks delicious. 

It turns out that the photo was snapped at a dinner party at Babs' place. The other guests were AHS creator Ryan MurphyJohn Travolta and Kelly Preston, and Babs' hubby James Brolin. If they weren't planning Gypsy, let's hope they are cooking up something. Or is it all an elaborate tease?

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