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Kylie Minogue helps Galavant express its inner gayness

by Drew Rowsome

A quiet Sunday evening (a chunk of it spent trapped once again in the seething homoeroticism of The Ten Commandments) and then this happened:


I had completely forgotten about the first season of Galavant. It was a cute rip-off of Spamalot and the music of Alan Menken (Little Shop of Horrors and many Disney classics) is always worth a listen, but it was self-conscious and self-referential and never seemed to find its footing. That it pulled on a pair of pumps and went blatantly gay (musical theatre is always, by definition, at least tangentially gay) is a nice twist.

The gags about the gay bar "The Enchanted Forest," where;

Men go in and never come out.

Actually . . . it's just the opposite.

were quite entertaining, with only the "bear" jokes being potentially pandering or mocking (mind you the whole opening episode is titled "A New Season aka Suck It Cancellation Bear" and the "bear" in The Enchanted Forest was sympathetic if not empathetic). 

The rest of the episode, as soon as they left the gay bar, was sporadically entertaining and the second half was not great except for some unicorn jokes . . . However, lead Joshua Sasse is cute (hot when he's singing) and does have an appealing hairy chest, and supporting cast Luke Youngblood, Timothy Omundson and, particularly, Vinnie Jones have potential. The dancing pirates don't achieve Christopher Walken status but are worth a laugh.

Hopefully they'll continue to emphasize the fairy in fairy tale and Galavant will become a must-see rather than just a diversion.