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33 Chihuahuas rescued from Oakville home

Marcia Chen,

A Halton-area humane society rescued dozens of Chihuahuas found living in a squalid Oakville home last week.

Police called the Oakville and Milton Humane Society after a nearby resident alerted them to the house.

When the agency entered the cluttered and foul-smelling quarters, they found 33 dogs in stacked crates full of urine, feces and shredded newspaper. Several were housed in each cage without enough room to move properly.

“Our eyes started to burn – the ammonia alone was just horrendous,” said Amanda Barrett, the society’s manager of animal protective services.

“The crates got to the point that the dogs feces were falling down through the top crate to the bottom crate.”

Barrett said it appeared the owner had been trying to breed the Chihuahuas, but became overwhelmed.

Workers left eight uncaged Chihuahuas with the woman, who has not yet been charged.

The shelter is asking for donations to help provide food, shelter and medical treatment until the dogs are ready for adoption.

“They’re improving every day and we’re starting to see their personalities come out,” said the society’s fund manager, Brenda Dushko. “You never know when you bring in this many dogs how they’re going to do … But they’ve been very resilient.”

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