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TATIANA - Debut UK single release
‘Spider Web’ - April 11th 2011

‘Spider Web’ is the debut UK single by Polish superstar Tatiana Okupnik and is a perfect introduction to her individual style of power-pop and strong signature vocals.

Born in Lodz in Poland, Tatiana grew up listening to western rock and pop and was inspired by great vocalists such as Chaka Khan, Janis Joplin, Tina Turner and Robert Plant “The thing that unites the artists I love is that they understand big, emotional musical vocals. I would like to think that the emotional impact of my voice is big like some of my idols”.

After a foot injury ended her ballet career, she focused her attention on her music as the lead singer of the Polish band Blue Café. The group became superstars in their homeland and toured throughout central Europe.

In 2006 Tatiana went solo and, in addition to graduating from university with fluent English, French and Spanish, she recorded an album in New York with jazz-funk legend Lenny White - ‘On My Own’ went gold on its 2007 release in Poland. Tatiana has also hosted two series of the Polish Dancing On Ice TV show and recorded a CD with Wyclef Jean.

The Cd was filled with influences of funk, jazz, soul and rock. Tatiana has recorded “a classic pop album “with great song writing and a cool twist. I’ve put my heart and soul into it”. Her powerful voice is the common thread through a filmic record that houses the Latino and Eastern European influenced ‘World Of My Design’, sing-along stadium pop (‘Supersize Love’ and ‘Poor Love’), smooth and summery jazz pop (‘Tranquillity’ and ‘If I Was To Tell You’), funk (‘Bottom Line’), a Bassey-esque showstopper (‘Coming My Way’) and the laidback soul of (Been A Fool’).

Her powerful vocals and impressive range coupled with her massive stage presence make Tatiana a natural and passionate performer. "Performing live is what I love more than anything, and a big part of writing these tracks was imagining their live impact.”

Tatiana Okupnik is a (Platinum-selling) Polish Artist. Capital Artists are now ready to launch Tatiana internationally, leading with the release of the video to her new single 'Spider web'.  Spider web will be released via itunes on18 April 2011. Produced by Denis Ingoldsby and Andy Murray at Granary Studio in Kent, United Kingdom.

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