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Canadian Newspaper Runs Full-Page
Anti-Gay, Anti-Transgender Ad

We all know that newspapers decide which ads they'll run and which ads are inappropriate, right? Well a rather misguided ad was allowed to run in Canada's National Post today. This is just sad.

The ad shows a cute little girl (well, cute by Canadian standards at least) and says she doesn't want to be confused and think that she's a boy because she's taught about gay people and transgender people in school. Yeah, that's exactly what turns kids into gay people and gives them gender dysmorphia. That's it. I mean, I didn't turn gay until my High School geometry teacher Mr. Roy-well, she was only Mr. Roy after the surgery, but before he was Ms. Roy, the girl's tennis coach-showed RuPaul's "Supermodel" video in class one day to teach us about conical structures. Now, I'm gay! And I don't know what gender I am! No, I'm just kidding. Having a transgender teacher won't hurt you. Those kids from South Park have a teacher that underwent gender reassignment surgery and they're still OK.

Seriously, though, the fact that Canadian schools are teaching children about tolerance and acceptance isn't going to do them anything but good. This ad was apparently placed by Charles McVety, one of the leaders of Canada's Christian right, which is just like our religious fundamentalists, except frostier. Can we put a section in NAFTA where we all send our religious right to the Yukon territory or something?

Am I shocked and outraged that this ad ran? No. Not really. This is the same awful, religious-tinged advertising that gay people have been subjected to for years and that some news outlet or another is always willing to run. Am I surprised? No. Saddened. Yes.

Especially since the same ad was shopped to many newspapers in Canada and was rejected by some. Apparently the Post is reacting to their readers' outrage by investigating just who approved the ad. I hope when they find them, they are forced to watch Tootsie on a loop for a whole week