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It's the first MiClub event.

You pick the DJs. You pick the theme. You pick the decor.

One randomly selected submission will WIN a Fly Toronto Rawk Star experience for themselves and 19 friends: VIP access to the MiClub Lounge for the first MiClub event.

Week after week, it's the party people that make Fly Toronto what it is, one of the world's legendary gay nightclubs.

We sweep the floors and make sure there are cold drinks in the fridge. Ultimately, Fly Toronto belongs to you. Introducing MiClub.

MiClub is a new way of bringing the Fly Toronto experience to you. MiClub is crowd sourcing for the dance floor.

The first MiClub event will happen in the next few months. Its going to be epic.

For a MiClub event, YOU will help choose the DJs who will perform and YOU will help choose the decor and theme for the event. The actual date for a MiClub event will be determined based on the availability of booking the DJs that you've helped choose.

First, we're inviting you to submit your choices for DJ talent for the first MiClub event.

We'll also ask you to submit party theme ideas. Do you want the first MiClub event to be a White Party, a Red Party, or something a little more dramatic?

We'll also ask you to submit decor ideas. This may be tied to the theme you submit, but maybe you've always imagined a specific type of decor for the Fly Toronto dance floor that you feel would be especially fabulous!

Then, we'll put the top DJ requests and the top decor and theme ideas to the Fly Toronto nation for voting.

The top votes will determine the DJ talent, the decor and the theme for the first MiClub event.